Safety is our first priority, across each and every one of our flights. We have flown thousands of private jet flights worldwide while maintaining a perfect safety record. FlyBLACK enforces higher standards in safety and security procedures than any other private jet company. FlyBLACK depends on the research and evaluation of every operator, aircraft, and crew through Wyvern Aviation Safety Intelligence. Wyvern — the gold standard in aircraft charter and crew analysis — has developed a unique platform to support private jet companies and the air charter industry. Their global database is maintained and analyzed on many levels. Wyvern’s system queries an array of federal and public data to update their nightly report. Further data is obtained from charter operators and monitored consistently. FlyBLACK’s partners exclusively with premium Argus Rated and Wyvern Registered flight operators and pilots to ensure peace of mind on every journey. No matter which aircraft you’re flying on, the exact safety ratings and liability insurance coverage can be requested right through our platform, at any time.
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